1940’s Velvet and Mesh Mary Jane Swing Dance Shoe


These are an exact copy of a 1940s Mid-Heel Swing-Era Mary Jane and have a suede-bottom sole.
This style is a vintage reproduction and features a gorgeous deco strap with 2 cutouts that you can adjust to control the fit at your instep.
Made with flexible suede-bottom soles and heels and a soft foam footbed which is perfect for dancers of all skill levels.
A well-known tap performer and instructor has proclaimed these “perfect for tap” because the heel is lower than normal and because its placement is “directly under the heel”.



The heel is about 2 3/4” high and has a synthetic bottom that won’t slow you down when it touches the floor during a spin.
The adjustable “set-it-and-forget-it” buckle on the ankle strap allows you to set your desired fit and slip the strap in and out of the “J” hook closure without needing to readjust it every time you wear the shoes. The buckle is attached with a piece of elastic so it has a little “give” when you’re up on your toes.

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11, 6.5, 7


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